Puppy Or Kitten Colorful Travel Shoulder Bags

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Stay organized on the go with these affordable, lightweight Puppy or Kitten Colorful Travel Shoulder Bags. Easily store items and keep them secure while traveling. Perfect for both adults and kids.

Puppy or Kitten Travel Shoulder Bag


Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag
Material: Mesh Fabric + Nylon
Size: S, M
Fitable Weight: S less than 4 lb / M less than 10 lb
Dimension: (S)35*20*8.5 cm / (M)40*28*8.5 cm

1. Features durable PU, Canvas, and breathable mesh: Durable and lightweight. This pet shoulder bag provides a cool and comfortable place for your pet to stay.

2. Adjustable drawstring: Allow your pet easily obtain fresh air and have enough space by adjusting the tightness.

3. Strap buckle, built-in hook, and Velcro closure ensure safety during transport. The hook can be attached to the pet’s collar.

4. Wide shoulder strap: With the soft padded strap, this can make your shoulder feel comfortable while carrying your pet for a walk.

5. Zippered opening for easy access: You can carry your pet for walks, hikes, or other daily travels conveniently.


Package Including

1x Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag


Please allow 5 - 10 days for processing, shipping, and delivery.

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