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Experience optimal dental hygiene on-the-go with this portable and wireless JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush Kit + Travel Case. The powerful sonic motor provides fast and efficient cleaning, while the included travel case ensures it stays safe and secure during transport. With an affordable price, this kit is perfect for all your brushing needs.

Our JTF Portable Wireless Sonic Electric Toothbrush Kit with Carrying Case is the Answer to healthier, longer-lasting teeth.

Why do Dentists say it's important to use an electric toothbrush for consistently healthier teeth?

Most Americans go to the dentist for a cleaning twice a year. Therefore, many Dentists recommend using a high-quality electric toothbrush to keep your teeth as clean as possible by removing up to 10x more plaque than a manual tooth brush. However, you can remove almost the same amount of plaque with a manual toothbrush but only if you are using the proper brushing techniques. Most of us probably aren't using the proper method of manual brushing which makes using the JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush a no-brainer.  Click here to read the results of a clinical study on electric vs. manual brushing.

Key Benefits

Our Travel-Ready JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Adults and Teens is the only Electric Toothbrush kit you'll ever need.

Up to 10X more Plaque removal than a manual toothbrush. You'll have whiter teeth as a result of this plaque-busting electric toothbrush

Fast Charging for 60 Days Use

You can literally go off the grid for up to two months without having to recharge your electric toothbrush. Our rechargeable electric toothbrush has a long battery life.

Tip: Charge your wireless toothbrush for 12 hours for a long-lasting 60 days of use.

These JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrushes are available in Black, Blue, Pink, Green, and White

Other Key benefits include:

5 Modes of Speed

  • Electric toothbrush for adults with five different modes: Clean (regular brushing), Sensitive (soft), Refresh (strong invert frequency), Massage (gentle invert frequency), White (strong)

2-Minute Timer Setting

  • Our JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush has a built-in 2 Minutes and 30 seconds timer that is in compliance with ADA Dentist recommended brushing time.

    Our Travel-Friendly Carrying Case makes this the easiest thing you need to pack

    • Travel-ready toothbrush with a portable case is easy to pack and carry anywhere.

    What's Included:

    • 1 JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush P200 handle for exceptional cleaning and the ability to remove up to 10x more plaque vs a manual toothbrush
    • 3 optimal plaque control brush heads and
    • 3 soft bristle brush heads,
    • 1 portable travel case,
    • 1 USB wireless charger base (wall adaptor not included)

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    Portable Wireless JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush Kit + Travel...

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