While the European Union is still in the process of ensuring that vaccinated Americans can gain easy access to its member states, there isn’t an established timeline for when that will happen exactly. So, pending that time, your immigration options are limited to individual countries that don’t currently have a travel ban on American travelers.


As summer fast approaches, US travelers are more than delighted that Italy is finally welcoming non-essential travelers. The borders of the Southern European country had been closed to tourists for more than a year before this time.


However, access to Italy at this time comes with a catch as they aren’t currently opening their borders on a widespread basis.


Airplane Preparing to Land in an Airport in Italy

Travel from the US to Italy – What to Note

Starting from the 16th of May, American tourists will be allowed into the country, but only if they are willing to meet certain criteria. At the moment, the Mediterranean country requires that all American entrants arrive in the country only through COVID-test flights that are currently run by only three airlines through specific routes.


Although the country is going to open on a widespread basis soon, for now, here is what to know if you’re planning a vacation to Italy.

Airlines and Travel Routes to Italy from the US

You can only travel via;

Delta Airline

In this case, you’ll have to move from New York to Rome, New York to Milan, and finally, Atlanta to Rome.

Alitalia USA

The only option here for US travelers is to move from New York to Rome.

American Airlines

Here, travelers can fly from New York to Rome, but also from New York to Milan.

Keep in mind that if you choose to enter Italy through other airlines, you would be required to undergo the full quarantine procedure.

Quarantine-Free Flight Requirements

In order to be eligible for the quarantine-free entry option that the country is offering at the moment, both vaccinated and unvaccinated US travelers have to be tested twice before arriving in Italy and once upon entry.


The first and second tests involve a PCR test taken 72 hours prior to the flight which is then followed by a rapid antigen test just before the plane takes off. The third and final test occurs when the travelers land at the Italian airport. Here, all they have to do is take a rapid antigen test once again.


Once all three tests confirm that you’re negative, you can gain unrestricted entry into the country immediately.


As tourism slowly comes back to life and Italy begins to allow non-EU members into the country, these measures will relax even further. So, make sure to start preparing for your trip in earnest!


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