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What to do in Dubai

Are you planning to take a trip to Dubai? From exploring the iconic desert safari to going shopping at vibrant souks, there are plenty of exciting activities for first-timers in the City of Gold. Traveling any where for the first time can be tricky to plan. Don't worry though - we have some recommendations that will make sure you have the perfect experience during your visit. Here's what we suggest as must-see activities in Dubai. 

Go shopping and sightseeing 

If you happen to visit this marvelous city during the weeks of the Dubai Shopping Festival, then shopping is one thing you can’t afford to miss out on. The shopping malls come to life with exceptional discounts meaning you can score a few goodies at unbelievable prices. Dubai malls are a marvel and make great sightseeing spots. Head to Dubai Mall (the largest shopping mall on the planet) to see the Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium.

Visit the Al Madam Desert

The mysterious ghost village is a contrast to the city but just as endearing for  most travelers. And besides the several activities, the desert-engulfed town also has a fascinating past to cater to history buffs. There are several activities in the desert, such as ATV biking, 4x4 Dune bashing, hot air balloon flights, camel riding, and others. 

Lodging tip: 

Dubai has several accommodation options for every budget. However, the peak season (December to February) presents a lodging nightmare, with most hotels fully booked. So, if you plan a trip during this season, booking a few weeks in advance is advisable.

Masfoot and Hatta Mountain Tour

Want a change of scenery from the Dubai skyline? The traditional parts of the Emirates are a healthy alternative. Also, if you seek an off-the-beaten path adventure in Dubai, then this is a tour you should take. The small villages of Hatta and Masfoot are a breathtaking escape from the jostle in the city. Particularly the Hatta mountains, where you can go hiking, camping, and biking, among other things. 



Now that you know all the basics about Dubai and some things worth trying out there. Planning your trip to this part of the Emirates should be much easier. 

Here’s a recap of everything to we just covered and a link to read more about each excursion:

  1. Shopping at Dubai Mall
  2. Sight Seeing at the Underwater Zoo
  3. Visit the Dubai Aquarium
  4. Excursion to Al Madam Desert
  5. Ghost Village in Al Madam Desert
  6. ATV biking
  7. 4x4 Dune Bashing
  8. Hot Air Balloon flight
  9. Ride a Camel
  10. Hiking Tour Mas foot and Hatta Mountain


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