Aerosoft Ranger Mens Comfortable Sneakers Casual Walking Shoes

Color: Black


Aerosoft Ranger Mens Comfortable Sneakers Casual Walking Shoes


The contemporary walking sneakers for men by Aerosoft are comfortable companions to provide consistent support in all-day activities. The fabric material of men's lace-up shoes is abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. The latest look of these men's casual shoes leaves an ever-lasting impression once your glance land on them. These casual-looking walking shoes will become your favorite for sure. This sneaker for men has a sole filled with solace, while the outsole has optimum friction that keeps your foot firmly on the ground. You can revamp your wardrobe at any time with these slip-resistant shoes for men.

·         Cotton blend fabric

·         Traction control outsole for better grip

·         Arch supportive sole

·         Polyurethane sole for increased durability and comfort

·         Trusted quality and comfort.

·         Made in Thailand.

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