4 Reasons to Buy a Professional Dog Nail Grinder

He loves and trusts you the most. - You've Got This! 

rechargeable professional dog nail grinder

1. Nails done by you

Yes, you can be your little furry one’s own manicurist. Dog’s nails are fragile and should be buffed every month to a month and a half along with a trimming for painless walking. While our Rechargeable Professional Dog Nail Grinder isn’t made for trimming, it can absolutely smooth out rough edges on your pooch’s legs. No scratches on you or surfaces in the house!

you can easily do your dog's nails all by yourself

2. Quiet but powerful

What makes pets most nervous about grooming? It’s not the actual work being done -- it’s the sound of devices. That’s why our grinder features low vibrations and low noise for a more relaxing nail-buffing session. Our millstone wheels buff away rough nail edges and corners quickly and accurately.

quiet and powerful nail grinder that won't freak your dog out

3. Easy charging, easy cleanup

No bulky charger heads here. Powered by two nickel-cadmium batteries (included), our nail grinder is chargeable via USB cord. One is included in your order, allowing you to charge your grinder when your pet needs it. Once charge gives three hours of use. And when you’re done, cleaning up nail dust is a cinch, as our millstone wheels are detachable.

convenient rechargeable nail grinder that will last for a long time

4. Made with love

No snags or scratches here. Made of ABS environmentally friendly material, our high-performing Rechargeable Professional Dog Nail Grinder is designed to keep your dog’s hairs and paw protected during nail grooming. It measures 5.1 x 0.8 inches and has a protective head. It makes nail grinding less stressful for you and your little furry one.

dog nails looking good after a manicure

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