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4 Scary Places To Visit This Halloween


It's that time of the year again. Beautiful and awe-inspiring costumes to be seen all around the neighborhood as the kids practice the time-honored tradition of trick or treating. It's enough to make one feel young and free again.

Joining the kids to go try and scare a few people might be a bit boring, but if you'd like to key into the wonderful fear factor of the season, here are 4 places you could visit for this Halloween.


1.     New York City

Impossible, right? What scare could such a metropolitan city possibly hold? Well, you'd be in for a big surprise!

What many people don't know is that over the years, there has been no less than 1,600 reported sightings of ghosts by residents and visitors alike!

ghost spirit of a woman descending stairs

What's more, you could make it a point to see the Legendary Amityville Horror House on Long Island. Get your ghostbusters groove on!


2.     Oklahoma

Here's yet another town that has managed to successfully accrue a reputation for being home to things that go bump in the night.

The town holds the record for being home to the largest number of people in the world who have allegedly felt or seen an outer worldly presence.

Two places you shouldn't pass through the great state of Oklahoma without seeing this Halloween is the Stone Lion Inn Bed & Breakfast and the Skirvin Hotel.

3.     Indiana

If you're looking for a roller-coaster ride of ghost sightings, haunted forests and chill-inspiring covered bridges, your next stop this Halloween should definitely be Indiana.


From the renowned Whispers estate, popular for its towering and menacing figure to Hell's Gates, rumored to give off a frighteningly chilly feeling, even in the middle of summer, we are sure you'll be plenty scared here! Ps. Don't forget to flash your light 3 times before entering. 


4.     Michigan

This beautiful city remains one of the few states in the entire country whose number of ghost sightings has managed to exceed 2,000. 

There isn't any doubt that this is a commendable feat as the population of people the city holds is just under the 10 million mark.

Historic hotels? Check.

Lighthouses? Check.

Spooky cemeteries? Check.

And to crown it all, you get to see the Jackson State prison, home to some of the most gruesome acts imaginable. You might be an adult, but we guarantee you'll walk away shaking in your pants. cell doors opened at Jackson State Prison

As you know, the outfit is what makes the holiday. So before stepping out on your adventure this Halloween, be sure to  check out  our oversized Halloween Snuggie to stay warm this year when lurking spooky streets on All Hollow's Eve

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