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How to Choose Your Next Travel Luggage

A very big part of how well you travel is the type of luggage you use for your trip. While this might seem like a relatively unimportant detail, it often plays a huge role in how comfortably you travel.


For example, how would you feel if you thought you packed the right luggage for a trip only for the weight to become unbearable for you to even move somewhere along the way?


That reason and more is why it is so crucial you choose the most suitable luggage for your next trip.


When picking a luggage, you need to factor in several variables. We’ll be briefly discussing 6 of the things to look for in the right luggage now. Enjoy!


1.     Right Weight

Setting aside the example we gave earlier, do you know that the weight of your luggage itself can factor into whether or not you pay extra at the airport?


If you want to avoid paying through the nose as a result of weight restrictions, a smart play here would be for you to go for luggage made with durable, lightweight materials. That way, the weight of the luggage material won’t matter as much.


2.     Luggage Size

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. One thing that might help you pick the right luggage size is the purpose of your trip as well as your destination. If you’re traveling for business, you’re usually less likely to need a large suitcase.


Similarly, domestic carriers in the country allow slightly larger bag sizes when compared to international carriers.


3.     Wheel-type

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, comfort is key. This means choosing a type of wheels on your luggage that allow you easy mobility under any circumstance.


The trade-off here is usually that the more handy spinning wheels usually take up more space in the bin. But that’s a small price to pay if it means you can move around with minimum fuss.


How to Choose Your Next Travel Luggage


4.     Materials

The type of material your bag is made off should also be more suited to your needs. For example, if you know you’ll be getting lots of souvenirs on your trip, you might want to get luggage with a soft side.


These are more flexible and can give you that extra bit of space when you need it in a pinch.


On the other hand, if you want something that’ll take a beating and still serve you well, you need to get a hard side suit. They are usually very tough and will protect your things more easily from rain and spills.


5.    The Handles

There aren’t any bags you can move telepathically (not yet at least). This means you have to choose the handles of your luggage with care.


Go for two-bar retractable handles that’ll give you more stability while on the go. The trade-off here is that those usually add a little extra to the overall weight of the luggage.


6.     Price Tag

This is perhaps the greatest determinant. As with most things, the more expensive a luggage is, the higher the quality of the product is likely to be.


That said, price isn’t everything.


Whether you’re on a budget or you’re shopping to get something that better suits your taste, you can check out this collection of high quality luggage and see if something speaks to you.

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