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Quite a lot has happened to influence travel both overtly and covertly in recent times. From the enforcement of travel bans, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union to the subsequent lessening of travel restrictions, there is no doubt that you’ve got quite a bit to catch up on if you want to travel to Europe any time soon.


In light of this, we’ll be answering a few of the more cogent questions that international travelers may have when exploring their travel options.


We understand that knowing the international travel situation exerts considerable influence over what your vacation plans for this summer will look like. Due to this, we’ll be letting you know just what to expect with travel in Europe today.


Can I Hope to Travel to Europe From the US this Summer?

Short answer, yes!

Even though the details are yet to be finalized, you should definitely consider traveling to Europe for that long overdue vacation. However, you should keep in mind that how smoothly this exercise goes may be largely dependent on whether or not you have been fully vaccinated yet.


If you’ve yet to receive your shots in part or full, you’ll have to check the travel regulations set by your destination country. On the other hand, vaccinated travelers can expect to enter most countries in the European Union without having to worry too much about quarantine, which brings us to the next important question on our list;


Is there a Way to Prove I’ve Been Fully Vaccinated?

As of this very moment, there isn’t an established, clear-cut way or document you can present to show that you have been fully vaccinated.


It would interest you to know though that there are currently plans in place by the EU to create an official and approved document that vaccinated travelers can tender at points of entry to show that they have received due treatment. However, it is as yet unclear when this document will be made available and the process through which interested parties will be able to obtain it.


In the same vein, the International Air Transport Association is also in the process of creating a digital travel pass that travelers within the country can use to streamline the management of their documentation for international trips.


Pending that time, the only thing US citizens have to show that they’ve been vaccinated is the card that they receive during the process which carries the dates they got their first and second treatment.


Image of the Globe Covered by a Disposable Nose Mask


Can I Travel Anywhere Once Europe Borders Are Re-opened?

Even though it’s clear that things are returning to normal, it’ll take a while before everyone will be able to travel as freely as they once used to. The EU is jointly initiating various measures to reduce travel restrictions. However, its member states can still implement different individual entry protocols.


As such, the entry guidelines for US travelers for one country may be stricter or laxer than those for another region.


What are the Best European Countries to Travel to Right Now?

Based solely on the ease of entry for both vaccinated and unvaccinated US travelers, the best countries to visit now are Greece, Iceland, Malta, and Croatia. You can look up the travel regulations of each country for more details.


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