Traveling Safely Through the Pandemic VacationGrabs

Travel was disrupted like never before at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. Quarantining and self-isolation became the order of the day and everyone simply had to stay indoors to be safe.


Today, that isn’t so much the case anymore. While there are definitely still a lot of concerns, things are slowly but surely returning to how they once were. Local and domestic trips are happening more freely and some countries even have international flight options available as well.


This couldn’t happen at a better time. Everyone is already tired of being cooped up all day and are already starting to make travel plans. Still, it’s still important to be as careful as you can be while traveling right now.


So what safety measures can you adopt to ensure you don’t expose yourself unduly while on the go?


Don’t Forget the Basics

No matter where you are, always practice social distancing. Keep the minimum distance of 6-feet between yourself and the closest person to you.


This is very important, especially when you’re in transit. Keeping that distance helps prevent people from spreading the virus to you (and prevents you from spreading it to them.)


Avoid Crowded Locations

The more crowded a place is, the higher the chances of the virus spreading. Crowded locations reduce your ability to maintain a respectable distance between yourself and those around you.


So when you go for a leisurely stroll at a national park or you start working on your tan at a lovely beach, make sure that those locations aren’t so congested you can’t maintain a safe distance from the people in the area.


Pick the Right Accommodations

Your accommodations are arguably one of the most important aspects of your trip. Whether you end up staying in a hotel or a short term rental apartment, be sure to confirm their sanitation protocols ahead of time to know what you’ll be getting into.


Ensure that wherever you’re staying strictly follows the newly implemented Stay Safe guidelines strictly. When making your choice, ensure that it is based soundly on the practical ways they maintain hygiene, not how fancy the process sounds.


Minimize Use of Public Areas

Do what you can to avoid places like public restrooms.


One major reason for this is that they aren’t likely to be as sanitary as they should be, which means that you could be exposed to any number of things using them.


In some cases however, you may find yourself without a suitable alternative. Follow the strictest hygienic routine. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure you use your hand sanitizer liberally as well.


All in all, the future looks bright. Hopefully, traveling will return to its original, easy-going state eventually. Till then, it certainly never hurts to be as careful as you can be while on the move.









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