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Prior to the advent of the COVID-19 vaccine, travel restrictions served as one of the major measures that government and health authorities put in place to contain the spread of the pandemic.


In essence, travel restrictions are health and safety measures that a region or territory enforces in an effort to ensure the wellbeing of its denizens. Owing in large part to the fact that the effects of the pandemic aren’t even across the board, some states and regions have been hit harder than others.


This tends to reflect directly on what travel restriction policy a particular region will impose, and to what extent they do so. What’s more, travel restrictions can present themselves in various forms. Having a working understanding of what ways territories implement their travel restrictions can do a lot to inform your decisions when planning to travel to such destinations.


Ways that Travel Restrictions are Applied

Bearing in mind that since the creation and subsequent availability of the Covid vaccine, travel restrictions now tend to apply more sternly to individuals who either haven’t begun participation in the vaccination program or are yet to complete their treatment, here are a few ways that travel bans present themselves:

  • State borders could be closed with the aim of restricting entry and exit into the state entirely,
  • Certain areas of the state may be designated restricted areas, ensuring no one can enter or leave these regions, and
  • Quarantining people who have traveled to certain locations for a period of fourteen days.


Depending on which region or territory you find yourself quarantined in, you may be required to pay a token towards covering the costs of the quarantine exercise.


The Best Way to Handle Travel Restrictions

While these restrictions mostly increase the hassle of travel, you simply have to bear with them for the time being as they are in place to secure your continued health and safety. The best way to handle travel restrictions is to get a full download of the travel bans the region you’re planning to travel to or from has in place. That way, you can take all the necessary steps to ensure that you do not get delayed due to an oversight.


A Vaccinated Traveler at an Airport Observing Covid-19 Safety Measures


When traveling within the country, you can see the CNN Covid-19 travel restrictions for a brief guide on what to expect. Check here to find out the latest on travel restrictions in Europe.


Even though travel seems like a lot of trouble at the moment, we encourage you to hang in there; we’re certain it’ll get better soon!

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