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The only thing better than traveling to your dream vacation location is getting there and meeting your favorite celebrity personality!

Very likely due to the celebrity attention they garner, these locations tend to be a bit more expensive than your usual getaway spots. But if you get to meet Sandra Bullock, then it’s totally worth it, right?

Here’s our list of top vacation locations all around the world you’re most likely to run across celebrities. 

Saint Tropez

This is like the perfect getaway spot for celebrity couples. From David and Victoria Beckham to Beyonce and Jay Z, celebrity couples are spotted at this vacation location on a regular.

Its meandering landscapes and amazing beaches make it a fun place to relax, even without the celebrity focus.

Lake Como

George Clooney, Sylvester Stallone, Bette Midler, the list goes on and on. Many big names have houses here and even more come around here frequently. 

It’s perfect for relaxing, going partying or just soaking in the local culture. Should you find yourself in the Villa d’Este, there’s no end to the number of celebs you could run into! 


You can surf, you can sail and if you like to live in style, you won’t find better accommodations anywhere else in the world. There’s something about the way everything just seems to blend here that makes it the perfect getaway for your next vacation.

When you add the fact that you could run into Hugh Jackman or Leonardo Dicaprio here, you find that there’s nothing not to love about Sydney.


Ancient. Powerful. Beautiful. Greece is a land of legend that still holds every bit of its charm and attraction till today. It has an aesthetic beauty that is humbling to behold and the delicious cuisine that’s available all around are only a few of the reasons why this place is so popular. 

It’s no wonder that celebrities like Tom Cruise have houses here. 

Los Cabos

This is one location you can comfortably visit without breaking the bank. What’s more, you have easy access to several places in Los Cabos where you can meet any of your favorite stars. Top stars like Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Aniston have been known to regularly visit this stunning place. 

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