Top Must-See Destinations In Honor Of Veterans Day VacationGrabs

For many, the month of November is an especially busy one. Not only does it prelude some of the most important secular holidays in the country, it is also the month Veteran's Day is celebrated.


In America, something just sets veterans apart from the rest. Maybe it's the sacrifices they've made or just the sense of patriotism that comes with them always doing their duty, even in the toughest of times.


For all they've done so far, and continue to do to keep this great nation strong, doing what little you can to appreciate their efforts can be a good idea.


Maybe you have a veteran in the family (congratulations!) or you just know one casually, here are a few fantastic places you could try visiting this Veterans Day to show they're in your thoughts!



Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell

This is arguably one of the best places you could possibly start your Veteran's Day adventure. Revered as the birthplace of the country, Philadelphia has enough historic attractions to keep you sufficiently engaged for months on end!


However, two sites you mustn't pass through Philly without checking out is the Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell.


If you do find yourself with enough time on your hands, other nearby attractions you can see here as well include;

  • The Betsy Ross House,
  • National Constitution Council,
  • Franklin Court, and
  • New Hall



National Military Park of Gettysburg

This place virtually oozes everything that a veteran location should. It is a site filled with an abundance of historic military relevance.


There are several things that distinguish this landmark from the others on this list.


For one, it was very relevant to the Civil War as it was where the ambitious invasion of the North by General Robert E. Lee was conclusively ended. This was without a doubt the site of the Civil War's bloodiest battles.


It was all the inspiration behind one of President Abraham Lincoln's most moving speeches, the Immortal "Gettysburg Address".



The National Museum of the Marine Corps

Situated in Triangle, Virginia, this location has a lot to teach you about one of the greatest fighting forces that the world has ever seen.


The public is granted unrestricted access to the museum so there's a wealth of information to take in. You'll learn exciting things, like why the Marines are often referred to by certain nicknames like "leathernecks" and "devil dogs".


You'll also be exposed to a lot of interactive exhibits that cover different eras of the military history of the nation.


If you'd like to pick up a gift or two for the veterans closest to you, you can go through our catalogue here.


At Vacation Grabs, we believe that no matter what gift you get, the most important thing is that it communicates those feelings that words don't quite capture.


All in all, here's wishing you a very memorable Veterans Day!


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