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London is a truly fantastic place. It is one of those few destinations in the world that manages to successfully combine various attractive features in a way that is engaging and doesn’t overwhelm you.


It’s got friendly, welcoming people, excellent cuisine and wine, some of the best shopping centers in the world, and a truly spectacular skyline! While all of these sound great, this can make it a rather challenging place to visit if you’re traveling on a budget.


The cost of traveling solo can be quite high, and it gets even higher when you travel with someone else, especially if you plan to stay awhile! That said, London also offers a host of attractive features you can enjoy at zero cost! Should you choose to try some of these out during your stay, you can significantly reduce costs and still have an awesome time!

Without further ado, here are a few things you can do for free in London today!


  • Watch the Changing of the Guard

Doesn’t sound too hot, right? If you think that, then you’re in for a big surprise! The Changing of the Guard ceremony is a small event that has now become a huge tourist attraction. Four times a week, at exactly 11:000AM, one set of the Queen’s Guard finish their shift and are relieved by another.


Performance of the Changing of the Guard Ceremony


What you get to witness here is a staggering display of precision marching amidst a sea of bearskin hats complemented by brass bands, rousing music, and a true English fiesta! You can simply join the crowd and see the entire show at no charge at all.


  • Peruse the Outdoor Markets

There’s an order and beauty to the arrangement and display of these markets that are sure to leave you lost for words. Depending on just what you’re in the mood for, you could visit the world-famous Portobello Market, and feast your eyes on nice vintage clothes.


Alternatively, you could also check out the Columbia Road Flower Market. Open only on Sundays, they always carry rare and unique flowers to beautify your day. There are dozens of other great markets you can explore at your leisure.


  • Explore the Tower Bridge

Standing gigantic and magnificent, you are certain to be in awe of this massive edifice. Whether past it or directly over it, the experience of being on such a historic and remarkable landmark is something that is worth making the entire trip to London for. You could opt to just take a stroll over it during the afternoon, soak in all its features and take a picture or two while you’re at it.



A Side View of the Tower Bridge


  • Visit the National Gallery

London is home to one of the biggest and most comprehensive art collections across the globe today. The best part of that is that you can feast your eyes on all the articles that they have at no cost at all!


If you’re a fan of famous artists like Michelangelo, Van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci, then there are art pieces you simply can’t afford to leave London without seeing here. You would have to set an entire day aside, just so you can fully take in what this place has on display!


Are you ready for your cost-efficient trip to London now? We hope you have a fun time!


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