The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Best Family Vacation VacationGrabs

Planning a vacation with friends (or that special someone) is one thing. Planning vacation time for the entire family, particularly when kids are involved is a different ball game entirely.


You have to plan every step of the journey (and the experience itself) carefully, if you don’t want to end up frustrated and stressed when you’re supposed to be resting.


If you really want to enjoy yourself while on your family vacay, here’s a guide on how you can that happen. Enjoy!


  • Avoid Long Distance Travel

If you’ve ever traveled long distance with kids, you’ll know this can take a real toll on you.  The trick here is simple; find a balance. Choose a travel location far enough that you know you’ve actually gone somewhere but close enough that you can arrive their before the kids’ ruckus becomes unbearable.


  • Use Screen Time

Even if you don’t usually let the kids watch TV frequently on a good day back home, you need to break that rule while traveling. Keep your electronic gadgets fully charged and let them have a field day playing games and watching movies. Believe us when we tell you that’s the smart play. You don’t want them bawling their eyes out from boredom.


  • Pick a Location You and the Kids Will Love


The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Best Family Vacation


This part’s really important too. Even if that’s not how you normally roll, opt for locations like hotels with baby pools. Sure, it’s a vacation and you could do more fun things for yourself. But this way, you’re happy, the kids are happy, everyone wins.


  • Have Some Backup

Whether it’s a hotel babysitter or a relative you don’t really get along with, having someone to sub in for you, if only for a few hours, can help you spend some quality time with your partner while on that vacation.


  • Let the Cake Flow

It’s a vacation. You’ll most likely be sipping champagne so it’s probably okay for the kids to have more than a little cake too. Letting them have an extra helping of cake or ice cream be very enjoyable for them, especially if this is something they don’t get back home.


  • Spend Some Time Apart

You’re almost always together at home, so try to switch things up. You can take turns with your partner watching the kids while you do a little something just for you. You could have a timeout at the spa, or simply give yourself another shot at that nap you’ve been trying since forever to take.


  • Don’t Break the Bank

It’s a vacation, yes. But vacations end, so try not to put yourself in the red by the time all the fun’s over. Keeping that in mind, make sure you plan the financial details of this family time very carefully and make certain you can comfortably afford it.


  • Think Happy Thoughts

It’s normal for things not to play out exactly as you planned it. Resist the urge to complain and make the most of the moment anyway. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride!


Oh, and keep your sunscreen handy! Peeling noses and blistery skins have a way of dampening vacation morale.


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