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As the world glows (and the heat gets fiercer), we know summer’s finally here. It mightn’t be the one we pictured it’d be last year, but here we are. And as the sun rises ever so beautifully each day, it reminds us to make the most of every single moment we have, starting with planning the most awesome summer vacation ever!


Whether you have plans of travelling or you just want to have a staycation, going solo or with loved ones, this guide is sure to put you on the path to having a very memorable time.


Plan Ahead

Having the perfect summer vacation can get a little pricey, so it’s always helpful to plan well ahead so you don’t end up going overboard.


From taking vacations to summer sports activities, day trips, summer camps and so on, there’re so many activities you can try out, depending on where you are and what you want to do.


Saving ahead for your summer helps make sure that you can comfortably enjoy your free time.



Know When to Hit the Breaks

It’s easy to just keep spending during summer (there’s always so much to buy/do), but be careful not to overdo it. Avoid getting things you don’t really need.


You can cut back on expenses like your Netflix plan and your gym memberships. Odds are you won’t be around, so you don’t really need them anyway. You could also do other things like reduce your communication costs and refinance to save a few extra bucks.


Make a Little Extra While Having Fun

Summer is a great time for doing fun things to make money. For example, you could have a garage sale or make a little extra from a hobby.


Having a nice garage sale doesn’t take much effort and it can be a great exercise for the whole family. If you love using your hands, you could have a great time making little tidbits of arts and craft you can either sell or keep.


Have a Theme for Each Day

You could keep the fun going the entire summer with this. Giving each day a fun theme and activity could really help you make the most of it.


The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying this Summer


You could make Monday nights your movie night, go see the local museum on Tuesdays, have picnics on Wednesdays and even camp out in your very own backyard during the weekends. The possibilities are endless.


Go on a Trip

Of course, this is an all-time favorite. You can travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Pick a lovely location and do some research about it on the internet.


Find out what people who have recently been have to say about their experience there. Check out the best hotel or short term accommodation rates for the area and find the best travel deals that suit you.


What matters most this summer is to live your life to the fullest and seize every amazing moment as it comes. There are so many ways to enjoy your vacation. Pick yours and have a blast.

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