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Some destinations are so simple that, by and large, you don’t really need much of a plan to see all of what they have to offer tourists. Paris is NOT one of those locations. There are so many places to see and so much to do that you would miss out on a lot of the action if you don’t go in with a solid plan.


If you’re planning on visiting this beautiful destination and you’ve got only three days to spend, then that’s all the more reason you need to lay out your travel itinerary well beforehand! To that end, here’s our three-day Paris itinerary. You can use this to guide your hand and further fine-tune your plans.


Day One

See the Eiffel Tower

This is an oldie but a goodie! Nothing screams Paris vacation louder than a trip to see this central figure. As the most iconic figure in Paris there are various ways you can enjoy this viewing. You could check it out from the Trocadero Gardens from across the river or you could view it from the Champ de Mars gardens situated behind the Tower. Of course, you have the option of going up inside the Tower itself. However, that way, you don’t get to see the breathtaking skyline it presents.


A Beautiful View of the Eiffel Tower at Night Time


Other Things to do:

  • Cruise the Seine River
  • Take a Hop On Hop Off or HOHO bus tour
  • Take a Paris Walking Tour
  • Check Out the Tour Montparnasse


Day Two

Visit the Sainte Chapelle

Now, it’s time to take a long, careful look at some of the museums and churches that Paris is so famous for. At the top of this list by far is the Sainte Chapelle. While it is a relatively small church not far from Notre Dame, it is the interior design that truly sets it apart from the rest. From top to bottom, it is filled with stained glass, giving it an exquisite sight that is truly humbling. Although you have to pay a small fee before you can gain admittance, we assure you the sight is well worth it.


A Beautiful View of the Sainte Chapelle



Other Things to do:

  • See Notre Dame
  • Visit the Musee d’Orsay
  • Check Out the Louvre
  • See the Arc de Triomphe
  • Go Wine Tasting


Day Three

Visit Versailles



A View of the Beautiful Court of the Palace in Versailles


By now, you have covered the vast majority of Paris’ attractions (at least, to an extent). So, you can afford to go just a bit further afield. As such, you shouldn’t waste this great opportunity to see Versailles. To be able to truly appreciate the splendor of this palace, you would need to spend a good portion of your third day here as there is simply just too much to see!


Before you finally have to leave beautiful Paris finally, however, another place you should definitely try to see is Montmartre and the iconic edifices it has on display across its hill.

Have a fun trip!

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