Looking for the Safest Locations to Travel to in the World Right Now? See 4 Countries Worth Checking Out! VacationGrabs

Until now, the major determinants that drove what most people used to choose where their vacation location should be were the sights they could see and the promise of a fascinating and memorable experience.


The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic effectively changed all that. We can attribute this to the fact that international travel was one of the major things that helped the pandemic spread as far and wide as it did.


Image of a Female Exercising Social Distancing


So now, in addition to considering the attraction that any vacation location promises, one thing you should also factor in is the pandemic situation the region is experiencing at the moment. After all, health and safety are very important when having a good time.


In no particular order, here are some of the safest countries in the world right now, pandemic-wise!


1.     Magical Iceland

Not only are you promised awe-inspiring sights like the Superjeep and a glimpse at the white expanse that is the Arcanum Glacier, but this Nordic island also assures you a measure of safety while you relax too. With one of the lowest cases of outbreaks in Europe, you won’t have to worry so much about the pandemic during your stay here.


2.     Warm and Relaxing Malta

Situated in the Mediterranean, even the very location of the country is highly appealing. Safe, small, and exquisitely beautiful, this lovely country has a lot going for it. As a perfect getaway for you this summer, you would be happy to know that not only are the number of recorded Covid-19 cases here small, more than half the population of the country are partially vaccinated while over 40% have received full vaccination!


A Picturesque View of the Sea in Malta


3.     The Beautiful and Perfect Caribbean Islands

Very few regions can boast the low number of Covid-19 cases that many of the small Caribbean islands have. While locations like Micronesia and the Polynesian island of Samoa ensure this by remaining closed off to travelers, there are a few other Caribbean destinations you can still get into today that still ensure your health and safety too.


Image of a Beautiful Street in Switzerland


4.     Switzerland – The Glistening Jewel

From Lake Geneva to the Alpine village of Lauterbrunnen, you’ve certainly got a lot to see and do here. It’s more comforting as well, knowing that you can have a good time here without having to stress over your health due to the pandemic. The pandemic situation is currently very stable in Switzerland and all indicators point to things looking up from here on out. Considering a trip down there sometime in the near future would indeed prove very rewarding.


Now that you have a good idea of some of the safest places you can visit in the world now, all that’s left is for you to start planning your trip.


Don’t forget to pack the right gear for your adventure, and make sure you have a blast!


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