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Summer's a great time of year. There's always so much to do, so many places to be. It is one reason why spending gets a little high this time of year.


The costs of traveling increases and statistics indicate that parents spend anywhere between $400 to over a $1, 000 on each child this time of year.


If you're running a budget this summer and you want to make the most of it, here are some simple tips you can follow.


Whether you choose to travel or stay home here are a few awesome tips to help make this summer one to remember.


How to Enjoy Your Summer on a Budget If You'll be Traveling

Book Your Flight Tickets as Early on as Possible

Due to the effects of the pandemic, planning for travel isn't as simple as it used to be but doing this is still a great tactic.


Booking your tickets several months in advance saves you extra money (up to 12%) as you don't get caught up in last minute rushes which can be pretty pricey.


Use Airline Ticket Aggregators

These websites use variables like price, time of departure and so on to sort the offers of various ticket agencies and airlines.


Viewing this information can prove very useful in helping you plan the budget details of your trip.


Avoid Weekend Flights

Weekend flights are quite pricey, especially when compared to the cost of the same flights on weekdays.


Enjoy the Street Food

The price of street food varies from location to location. However, it's almost always cheaper than dining at a restaurant.


Another reason this is a good idea is that it brings you closer to the culture you're visiting, helping you see things you might've missed otherwise.


Reduce Purchases at Train Stations or Airports

These are almost always very expensive.


What's more, you can usually find those exact same souvenirs for cheaper prices just a little farther from those busy areas.


In anticipation for your trip, check out this lovely array of luggage you can take on your trip.


How to Enjoy Your Summer on a Budget if You’re Staying Home

If you won't be traveling, that's no reason for your summer to be boring. You and the kids could have a fun time and still save something.


You could,


How to Enjoy Your Summer on a Budget in 2020


Have a Water Fight

The list of fun things you could do here is endless. The kids will be having fun and beating the heat!


Visit Fun Places Like Parks and Museums

The park is fun, outdoors and free. The kids will have lots of free space to play. You could pack ice-lollies with you from your freezer as light refreshment, too.


Many museums also offer free entry. It could be a good opportunity for the kids to have a learning adventure and pick up a thing a two.


Go Fruit-Picking

Summer's a perfect time to go blackberry picking. You could turn it into an adventure and have your berries as a treat after.


Have a BBQ

This is another fun thing you can do with friends and family.


It doesn't cost all that much and you can have your friends bring a dish (or drink). This can help you further cut costs.


There are so many fun and engaging activities you could try out this summer.


No matter what you end up doing though, be sure you practice the proper safety measures and stay safe.


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