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Nearly a year ago, the European Union (EU) was compelled to extend the travel ban on Americans due to how severe the rate of infections was at the time.  Since that time till now, the number of cases recorded has plateaued and gradually begun to reduce.


This in turn has been followed by a slow and steady relaxation of travel restrictions as agreed by the 27 ambassadors that make up the bloc. One thing that has served to fast-track the pace at which travel bans are being lifted has been the production and release of the Covid-19 vaccine.


Considering the immunity conferred on travelers who take the treatment, the European Union has been making strides to return travel within and outside the continent back to how it used to be.


One notable step in this direction was the acceptance of all members of the union to waive the need for quarantine for vaccinated travelers early in the month of May. The direct implication of this being that movement within the borders of the continent will now be faster and far more convenient for fully vaccinated travelers.


In essence, upon the final approval and implementation of this proposal, travelers who have received their complete vaccination shots from approved providers like Pfizer Inc., Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna Inc. will be able to travel without restriction.


What Does This Mean for Unvaccinated Travelers?

From all current indicators, things will remain status quo for unvaccinated travelers. The only premise under which unvaccinated travelers can avoid undergoing quarantine is if they’re coming in from countries that meet certain standards. The most important of which is that the country they’re coming in from has a highly controlled pandemic outbreak of no less than 75 cases by 100, 000 people.


Images of Covid-19 Vaccine Bottles and Syringes to be Used to Vaccinate Travelers from America


The EU is also in the process of creating something that will be called a White List. The goal of which is to help international travelers better identify which countries are pre-approved for safe entry by the commission for non-essential travel.


Once it has been fully established, it will become easier for travelers to determine what destinations they can travel to fast and without stress. Through this, trans-Atlantic travel is also expected to gradually recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic.


The Road so Far

With vaccination efforts going so well in the US, all things considered, international travel out of the country is becoming easier with each passing day. Where there remains a problem is entry for non-US travelers.


The new measures of the EU currently allow for a blanket ban on non-essential travel from destinations outside the continent without quarantine measures to prevent a resurgence of the pandemic outbreak.


Vaccinated Traveler Arriving Her Destination Somewhere in Europe


At the moment, there is also talk of the initiation of a Vaccine Certificate Plan to further facilitate smooth travel between the member states in the EU.


We’ll be sure to bring you more as the situation evolves.


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