Food Spots You Absolutely Must See In Hong Kong VacationGrabs

Food has always been an intrinsic part of vacationing. Civilizations have been judged by how they eat and what they eat. In Hong Kong, food and eating in general has been elevated to a whole new plane. With cuisines from all over the world colliding in a delightful mesh of exotic brilliance, here are some hotspots where you can get a full smack of this beautiful city’s diverse culture and heritage in a single bite.


1.     COBO House

The number one spot goes to COBO House. COBO House has been gathering some serious momentum in recent times and here are some reasons why. This dining spot takes hygiene and organic food to the next level.



Well, they grow the blend of vegetables and fruits they use themselves. This guarantees every customer that what they are taking in is 100% organic. In a world where one isn’t ever sure what you’re putting inside yourself, COBO House provides a very much-needed sense of safety and quality.


2.     Dear Lilly

The first thing that grabs your attention upon stepping into Dear Lilly is the wash of exquisite design and décor on display. The perfect blend of color and design puts you at ease, even before you get yourself properly settled in. To add even more style, you are treated to a breath-taking view of the harbor that’s almost as beautiful as the interior of the Lilly itself. So whether you’re just meeting friends for tea or you simply want to enjoy a small snack while you read, you are constantly surrounded by an atmosphere of royalty and elegance at all times of the day.


COBO House


3.     Kinship

Co-owned by the renowned chefs Arron Rhodes and Chris Grare, you can be sure that stepping into the Kinship, you’re entering a world of amazing dishes and cuisines. You get a massive combo of European, East Asian and American based cuisines. The owners of this eatery have a very rich history between them. The former was once the ace of the British Gough’s on Gough, while the latter was previously a chef at Lily and Bloom. Together now, they’ve created dishes that near godly perfection. Your food tour around the city of Hong Kong would be incomplete without a stop here.


4.     Le Pain Quotidien

The vision behind the Le Pain Quotidien is very sound and so the result is a perfect blend of hygienic food coupled with an environmentally suitable delivery. Le Pain Quotidien started out as a simple bakery in Europe, so with them, you know you’re taking top quality bread. From a simple bakery to owning several branches all over the world, this serves as testament to the exemplary level of service they deliver.


One constant thing with Le Pain Quotidien in Hong Kong is the elegant setup that welcomes all customers, young and old. The service is as courteous, polite and efficient as you please. The food is simple, healthy and leaves you feeling happy and content.


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