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Art is life.

Since time immemorial, it has served as one of the clearest sources of insight into what a people represent and the values and culture that they hold on to.


This is why it's so surprising to note that most travelers don't really place as a priority as they should on viewing art.


There's so much to be gained from viewing art. From getting massive inspiration to getting an unfettered view of various cultures, traditions and history, you simply can't go wrong with this.


So if you're in the middle of planning your next vacation and you want a location where there's an abundance of artistic sights to be had, you just have to check out our list of travel destinations where art is valued and celebrated!

Here goes!



This is one great location for seeing stunning artistic pieces. In fact, there's no better place for you to fully delve into the magnificent world of contemporary art.


There are quite literally hundreds of art studios filled with exceptional works of art you could visit. If galleries and institutions are more to your taste, you'll find more than enough here that put innovative, new pieces on display constantly.



If works of art had a home, that place would be Paris. There are few places better in the world to get a full shock of various works of art from some of the most celebrated artists and sculptors the world has ever known.


One place you have to make sure to see here is The Louvre. Setting aside how magnificent the structure looks, it holds one of the most famous pieces of art in the entire world; the Mona Lisa.


As the ultimate masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci, this piece is definitely worth whatever stress you have to go through to gaze upon it.



Get a taste of something different and refreshing at the astounding Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania. You could also spend your entire stay in the country in style at the luxurious MONA pavilions perfectly situated on the River Derwent.


If you want to access a tidy amount of the nation's art from right where you're staying, then you should consider taking accommodation at the Henry Jones Art Hotel. It houses well over 600 pieces of original as well as modern contemporary works of art.



The entire country is one giant artistic piece. The nation itself is home to some of the best and brightest minds in the world of art. This fact is more than amply reflected in the unrivaled architectural structures visible everywhere in the country.


Best Travel Destinations to See Art


If you want a slice of modern and contemporary art first, then you want to kick off your adventure from the world-famous Guggenheim Bilbao.


For outstanding architectural works of art, Barcelona is the perfect place to be. The La Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila are also sure to leave you speechless!


Till you take your trip, don't hesitate to check out the array of classy and affordable canvas paintings in our collection today!


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