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As every grownup knows, the holiday seasons come way too quickly. One possible reason for this is because these festivities kind of arrive in clumps.

From the moment it's November, it's almost a back-to-back session of one major holiday celebration after another. This fact remains the same, even with those who manage to get their ducks in a row and spend their holiday on vacation.

Arguably one of the most renowned events in the entire world, celebrating Christmas is memorable enough in itself.

However, when celebrating this holiday away from home, we tend to forget to do some important things. This becomes even more crucial where the kids are concerned.

So while away, it helps to have a to-do list of vital things you should do to keep the family Christmas spirit alive.

Have the Kids Write Santa a Letter

When on a vacation, it's relatively easy for the kids to forget to talk to Santa. Being the one to remind them and helping them through the activity can be a really enjoyable activity for Christmas Eve, wherever you are.

The only supplies you'll need for this mission is some fancy paper and sparkly pen.

P. S

Be sure to get Santa's address right.

It's Santa, North Pole.

See a Tree Lighting Ceremony

We know that once on a vacation, there are usually a hundred other things you have planned to do. However, seeing a tree lighting ceremony is one truly amazing way of making your Christmas Eve one to remember.

You could go watch it with family and really get into the Christmas spirit.


Christmas Eve Fun Celebration Ideas 


See a Local Christmas Festival Celebration

Wherever you choose as the location for your getaway this yuletide, chances are that they have their own special ceremonies and activities for Christmas Eve.

You could make a point of checking these out. This is one great way of watching how different people celebrate this holiday. Who knows, perhaps you'd pick a practice you love and try it out when you get back home!

Leave Dear Santa a Cookie

We all know that wherever the kids are, Santa always gets them a nice present. This is really hard work and even though this is more commonly done at home, you could have the kids leave Santa some cookies as appreciation for the good work he does.

Who knows, he might actually like it!

Few Christmas Eve traditions successfully rival this practice. So even though they aren't home, having the kids do this can be simply precious.

Don't forget to add a touch of something magical to your attire this yuletide from our Christmas Collection!

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