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With international travel virtually out of the question (for the time being at least), traveling prospects might seem a bit daunting at the moment. The good news is local and domestic travel is looking good.


If you’ve been to all the hot spots like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, you mightn’t find the thought of local travel all that thrilling. After all, you’ve been to all the happening places in the country. Well, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!


Listed below is our list of top 8 underrated destinations in the country. Each of these locations is absolutely worth a visit, if you can make the trip.


1.     Death Valley National Park, California

This location offers a breathtaking view of some of the most amazing rock formations in the entire world. Be sure to keep your visit during the day as the temperature can get a bit nippy at night.


2.     The Oregon Coast, Oregon

Spanning well over 300 miles of beautiful coastline, this location has a sort of rugged appeal to it. It is public property so you won’t have much trouble find parking space so you can take your time to relax and enjoy the view.


3.     Houston, Texas

Ranked fourth-largest city in the entire country, Houston definitely has a lot for you to see. This amazing city has everything from science to culture and diversity. While you mightn’t be able to get the full benefits of the city at the moment, it’s still worth a trip to see this lovely place.


4.     Assateague Island, Virginia & Maryland

There are many activities you can enjoy here like sightseeing on a cruise, kayaking and watching the wildlife. Seeing the 300+ horses running by the beautiful shores is like viewing a perfect scene from a movie. It is certain to make your day.


5.     Indianapolis, Indiana

Home to a plethora of entertainment activities (you’re sure to find the annual Indy 500 car race a delightful spectacular sight), Indianapolis has got a lot for you to look forward to. The kids will find this place particularly enjoyable as it is home to the largest children’s museum in the world. 


6.     Sedona, Arizona

Yes, Arizona has more to offer than just the Grand Canyon. You’ll especially enjoy Sedona if you’re not a big fan of expensive hotels and large crowds. From yoga festivals to amazing scenery, you can also work on your spiritual development in one of the best healing energy vortex in the world.


7.     Tampa, Florida

Craft brews? Check. Waterside views? Check. Awesome eateries and restaurants? Check. Tampa has everything. Sport fans will immediately fall in love with this city as the town is really heavy on football, basketball and ice hockey.


8.     Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

This location lays claim to the highest sand dunes in all of North America. Coupled with the amazing views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains it offers, you can see why this place is on our list.


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