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Maybe you decided to put your travel plans on hold all through the year due to the whole barrage of events that occurred, or maybe you've just never gotten around to planning a vacation before.


Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain; even in the absence of these extenuating circumstances, a lot goes into planning your trip away. That is, if you want it to be a fun and successful venture.


As such, there are a few key things you need to keep in mind, when organizing how your travel will be this year.


The best trips are products of planning and ensuring that you cover your basics. Going away on a whim can be fun, but it's always nice to have a clear-cut plan for your trip away right from the very beginning.


Here at VacationGrabs, we've put together a helpful process you could follow to help secure yourself a successful trip away.



Step One

Choose Your Destination


6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Trip in the New Year


This might seem pretty obvious but many people tend to underestimate just how crucial it is to your travel plans.


In the first place, choosing a destination brings your travel plans fully into focus. It's no longer a vague, abstract thought in the back of your mind.


Also, your destination determines what you'll wear, the kind of activities you'll be exposed to, how much you'll spend and so much more. As such, many would consider this one of the most important facets of your planning phase.


Step Two

Determine the Duration of Your Trip

Are you going away for just the weekend?

Will it be a two-week trip?

What does it even matter, anyway?


It mightn't seem like it on the surface, but the importance of establishing the duration of your trip is right up there with that of picking where you're headed in the first place.


How long your trip lasts directly influences how much you can expect to spend while away.


Without knowing for sure how long you plan to spend away, how can you be certain that the expenses will fall within budget?

To that end, knowing how long you plan to make your trip last is very key.


Step Three

Research Your Travel Expenses

How much does it cost to get to your vacation location?

How expensive is accommodation over there?

What will you do for food?


6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Trip in the New Year 2


Ironing out these little details goes a long way in ensuring that your trip is hitch-free. When you've been able to sufficiently predict, anticipate and forestall all likely problems, you are more able to relax when you're finally on that vacation.


Some helpful things you could do to gather the necessary information needed include;

  • Getting yourself a guidebook of your chosen travel destination,
  • Going on community forums online to find out the overall experience of people who've been to where you're headed, and
  • Using search engines like Bing and Google to check out the prices of any activities you might be interested in.


Step Four

Start Saving Up

Steps 1 through 3 tells you exactly how much your vacation plans will be costing you.

The next thing you have to do is to start getting the necessary funds ready for that big getaway.


6 Steps to Planning the Perfect Trip in the New Year


Step Five

Keep An Eye Out For Last Minute Packages

That's right.

You might be surprised to find some very appealing discounts for various travel destinations, if you're on the lookout for such.


In some cases, you could get lucky and the location you're headed might have a sweet deal on it. Be sure not to let such opportunities slip past you.


Step Six

Stay Focused

There's a reason you've not gone on that vacation after wanting to for so long; it's likely because you've been encountering one distraction after another.


Well, don't let that stop you this time!

Stay focused, stay determined and be sure to not let anything come between you and that dream vacation this time.


Vacationing automatically means you'll be shopping for new clothes. So, be sure to check out our amazing collection before heading out!


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