5 Perfect Locations to Spend Christmas in 2020 VacationGrabs

For most, 2020 has been an especially challenging year, to put it mildly, so more than a few people will be looking to bid this year a quick goodbye.


And thanks to the pandemic that kept everyone holed up at home for the better part of the year, a lot of people will be looking to spend this Christmas a reasonable distance away from home.


Now, the big question becomes;

Where's the best destination to spend this special holiday?


The old saying goes, “There's no place better than home.” And that's true, unless you're going to any of the amazing locations on our list!


Well, truth be told, all of these locations are great, even without throwing the yuletide into the mix. However, these places take on a completely different look when Christmas rolls in.


If you do end up leaving home, be sure to make a stop at any one of these locations.

You'll be glad you did!



There's a reason several people make a point of having a getaway home here. Aspen's got great scenery, lovely residences and restaurants, the list is endless.


5 Perfect Locations to Spend Christmas in 2020


But during Christmas, these things shine even more radiantly! You could go skiing with the family or just have a laid back dinner at any of the top-tier restaurants scattered around the city.


New Orleans

The Big Easy is a fantastic place to check out at any time of the year. How can you not have a great time in the land of smooth jazz?


You could start your Christmas adventure by checking out the decked out festive holiday homes situated in the Garden District. Boost your energy levels with the world-famous Cajun Kringle and see the Celebration in The Oaks with your own two eyes.


You'll fall in love with the Crescent City all over again.



Ever wondered why Charleston continues to rank as one of the best Christmas destinations in the country, year after year?


Could it be because of the fantastic food?

Or is it because the entire expanse of the city is just dripping with charm?

Maybe it's the great weather?


Truth is, this lovely city has a lot going for it. What's more, it has quite a large collection of local attractions you could check out on a whim!


San Diego

We're switching things up a bit with our list. Who says you always have to celebrate Christmas in the snow?


How about trying a slice of something different?


Step out of the snow and into 70° of hot, refreshing sunlight!

Since you're here, why not work on getting that perfect tan?

Once you're done hitting the beach, be sure to see the renowned Hotel Del and get a taste of their holiday culture.


Los Angeles

Still on the beach vibe, this is one place you're sure to catch a lot of fun in Christmas.


Being home to the glamorous world of Hollywood, you're assured pretty holiday displays that'll shoot you right out of this world!


Perhaps the best part of celebrating your Christmas here is that you get to do so in shorts.

Pretty fun, right?


In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, be sure to spread the cheer, no matter where you find yourself this Christmas. It's been a tough year, but we've still got lots to be thankful for.


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