Beautiful, beautiful Spain.


Bright. Exciting. Vibrant.


It has culture and a veritable abundance of history. So whether you only have a few precious days for your vacation or you have weeks to spare, here are a few cities in Spain you just have to cross off your bucket list.


Winter, autumn or summer, you’ll always be glad you saw these wonderful places. So before going shopping for those vacation clothes and luggage, see which of these places actually call to you!


1.     Barcelona

This beautiful city is popular for so many things; it is home to one of the best soccer clubs in modern history, it is the site of the famous Sagrada Familia Church and there are several historical pieces that’ll interest you in the Barcelona City History Museum.


It’s also a fantastic place to work on that tan and exercise! Head over to Barceloneta Beach and have a blast hitting a free open air gym or playing a number of interesting sports ranging from beach volleyball to table tennis.


2.     Madrid

Another awesome place you just have to see in the country is this city. Madrid has loads and loads of attractions to keep you occupied. Besides being home to an excellent soccer team as well, the city is basically a dream come true for devout art lovers.


Once you’re done soaking in the art at Prado Museum, check out the Plaza Mayor and disappear amidst the local culture and heritage. If you want to keep the fun going, you could head west from there and in a few minutes you’ll find yourself in front of the Royal Palace of Madrid! The fun just never ends here.


3.     Granada

While not as popular as the first two on this list, Granada is filled to bursting with a unique charm of its own. In fact, that’s one of the reasons it earned a spot on this list. It’s a quiet and serene location as far as vacation spots go and you can just unwind and be you here.


After you’re done having your daily me-time, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and be at one with the people. Walk the foothills of the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains, and breathe in fresh and soothing air. At night, you could get your groove on at The Boogaclub.


4.     Toledo

If you want to avoid tourist hotspots for your vacation and still have a very good time, you really can’t go wrong with Toledo. It is spacious, has some world famous cuisines and a view you’re certain to miss when your vacay is over and you head back home.


One thing you mightn’t know about this awesome place is that it is a confluence point of sorts for several religions and cultures. You’ll find several monuments for Jewish, Arab and Christian communities.  It’s a very easy place to feel at home in.


5.     Pamplona

This great city is in itself a piece of history. Its city walls date back to the ancient Roman times and there is much culture and heritage available for you to take in here. Pamplona is also well-known for another thing; its San Fermin Festival. If you can, make sure you do see it!


More than that, you could spend your days leisurely walking the lovely streets of the city and having a nice tour of all the cities popular food scenes. Also, make sure you take the time to see Camino de Santiago. We won’t be giving anything away but trust us when we say it’ll be worth your while!


With that, our list of cities to see in Spain is done (at least for now). No matter what site you end up choosing to see, be sure to have a great time!

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