5 Awesome Tips for Packing Like A Pro VacationGrabs

It’s every traveler’s dilemma; packing too much/packing too little. You don’t want to pack too little and risk leaving something important out. You don’t want to pack too much and wind up with stuff you won’t need or back-breaking luggage.


Which brings us to the question; how do you pack all you need for a trip without going overboard? Packing can get very tricky, true. So here are a few foolproof tricks to help you get started on the road to packing just right.


1.     Get a Smaller Bag

As silly as it sounds, getting a smaller traveling bag goes a long way in helping your packing efforts. How? Easy! It gives you less space to put your things in. This in turn helps you automatically prioritize what goes into the bag.


You know you don’t have much room, so you become more likely to make the best use of what little you do have.


2.     Have a List

This involves a little trial and error. For example, let’s say you’re going on a vacation in a few days. Start by packing the way you’d normally do. However, make sure you write down everything you pack. Now, while you’re on that trip, be sure you note the things you packed that you actually used versus the ones you didn’t.


Once you get back, you can then use that checklist to prepare for your next trip. It’ll be easier because now, you have a clear picture of the things you actually need on your trip. You may be surprised at how small your next travel luggage will be.


3.     Roll, Don’t Fold

While folding your clothes only seems logical, you’d be amazed at how much space you can save by folding your clothes.


4.     Plan Your Packing Process

Develop a reliable system for packing for trips. For example, pack items that are heavier or that take up more space first. That way, you have more room to fit in lighter and smaller items.


Owing to the fact that the latter items take less space, it’ll be easier to just squeeze them into the space around the heavier items you packed first. Sounds easy, right?


5.     Follow the $20 Rule

It’s pretty simple. You don’t pack any item you can easily get where you’re headed that costs $20 or less. This simple rule of thumb helps you free a lot of space for more useful items and improves the value of everything you pack.


Before you know it, you’ll become a wiz at packing for travel efficiently. Preparing for your next trip? Check out our collection to see items that’ll help you grab the most of each moment on your trip.


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