4 Things to Consider When Buying a Duffle Bag VacationGrabs

If you aren’t going far, you’re on a budget and/or you have a natural aversion to packing heavily for travel, a duffle bag is the natural choice for you.


They offer you a sort of flexibility that a typical suitcase or luggage can’t plus a higher level of durability, compared to a gym bag.


That said, not just any duffle bag will do. You have to pick something you’ll be able to use for the long haul. Affordable or not, you can’t expect to change duffle packages every season.


So when you’re looking to buy the perfect duffle bag, there are a few factors you have to consider.


If any duffle you end up purchasing fails in any one of the following areas, then it probably wasn’t the best choice for you.


1.     Right Size and Color

As funny as that might sound, you’d be surprised to learn that certain duffle bags are too large to qualify as a carry-on.


Before taking that final step, be certain to check what qualifications the airline or train station you’ll be boarding uses to classify duffle bags. It would certainly hurt to pick out a bag you like only to find it falls short of the expected standards.


In terms of color, you can explore here. You could opt to keep the color simple and classic or branch out with something bolder.


2.     Size of Storage Space

The storage space the duffle bag you’re looking to get offers inside and out also factors into your choice. Depending on how much space you’re comfortable with, you could go for bags with larger or smaller inside space.


Most duffle bags come equipped with extra pockets you can use to store anything from valuables (your passport, small jewelry and so on) to more casual stuff like your magazines, external chargers and the likes.


As a plus, you could look for duffle bags that are weather and smell-proof. This can help improve the quality of use for you.


3.     The Straps

One major reason you’re buying a duffle bag is ease of mobility. The kind of straps your duffle bag has and how they’re positioned greatly affects this.


What’s more, the stitching of these straps to the body of the bag is very key. This is because a great deal of pressure falls on this part of the bag, especially when the bag is packed full.


If you’re on a budget, striking a balance between affordability and durability here might be very helpful. Canvas bags with leather straps would be a good choice for you.


4.     Strength of the Material and Durability

For a duffle bag you want to last, this criterion is arguably the most important factor. Considering the fact that the bag will probably be seeing some rough times, you want to invest in highly durable material.


Your options, in terms of materials, range from canvas, vinyl and nylon to good ol’ leather. Each of these materials possesses its own benefits. Affordability plays a part here as the most durable materials are likely to cost a bit more.


Keep an eye out for the stitching of the bag and make sure it’s top-notch. If it uses a zipper, pull it a few times to make sure it doesn’t catch on anything. If you’re getting a bag with snap closure, make sure it isn’t one that’ll fall apart after a little use.


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