4 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance VacationGrabs

Traveling is really fun, but planning for it can be sooo hectic sometimes. From picking the right vacation clothes for your trip to finding the perfect Italian luggage, a lot goes into planning right for your trip.


One of the many things you should also consider is travel insurance. It might seem like overdoing it but it’s actually very important. In fact, it can actually save your trip.


So you’re properly wondering; when would I ever need travel insurance?


Well, in case you,


1.     Have to Cancel Your Trip

No one ever really plans for this, but things that simply cannot wait come up last minute and you have to put all plans of travel on hold.


Depending on the type of coverage you have and what prompted the cancellation of your travel plans, your insurance could cover a lot of your out-of-pocket expenses.


2.     Fall Sick or Get Injured Before/While on Your Trip

Sad, isn’t it? But it does happen. Maybe the weather just didn’t agree with you or maybe it was something you ate, you could fall sick before or while on your trip.


Travel insurance ensures you could get reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable trip expenses.


In the case of injury, your travel insurance could cover the cost of treatment. You might find this useful as a lot of health insurance plans don’t extend to international travel.


3.     Lose Something Important Like Your Passport or Baggage

In many ways, losing stuff is part of traveling. Sometimes it’s something small like your earrings other times, it could be something as important as your passport or luggage!


Having insurance could make all the difference in how fast your new passport is obtained and paid for.


In the event of a missing or damaged luggage, the right travel insurance plan will make sure you get all new clothes and even new luggage at no extra cost to you.


4.     Encounter Events of Bad Weather/Natural Disasters

The forecast said it’d be all rainbows and sunshine today; only for it to start raining cats and dogs outta nowhere and before you know what’s happening, your flight gets cancelled.


But wait a minute! You’ve got travel insurance! This means you could either get reimbursed for a new ticket or have the expenses of staying in a comfortable hotel covered!


Similarly, if your summer vacation location gets hit by a natural disaster, travel insurance will cover all your prepaid expenses. Your coverage also extends to changing the location of your trip to somewhere disaster-free.


There you have it. It might seem pricey, but it’s definitely worth every penny to save that trip!


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