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We actually planned very different vacations for 2020. The year is halfway gone and we’re probably starting to feel like we’re losing precious time.


How much longer is the quarantine and travel ban situation going to last? Is there any point to even making plans at this point? The answer to that is a firm, Yes!


Now, more than ever is the time to get very serious with your travel vacation plans. If anything, you’re starting to learn the importance of not putting anything you really want to do off.


So go to your drawing board and start planning that next trip now so you can jet off the moment the coast is clear!


We’ve done some legwork for you. We’ve highlighted some really cool places to tick off your bucket list. But don’t stop here. Plan to see more locations too!


1.     The Dead Sea, Israel

Why not visit a place you can relax and get some health benefits? Wondering where a place like that might be? Welcome to the Dead Sea.


Its water is several times more saline than normal seawater and this in turn affects the physical properties of the water. It makes floating easier and is one of the many factors that give the mud from the sea high nutrients.


When you’re done soaking in the therapeutic mud, you can head into town for a nice hike or visit local hotspots like the Ein Gedi National Park.


2.     Chiang Mai, Thailand

When you visit a place that is literally nearly a thousand years old, you know you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty to see and do.


Chiang Mai doesn’t disappoint.


It rests at a high altitude, meaning you’ll be breathing in cleaner, cooler and fresher air the entire length of time you’re there.


We know you’re not there to just breathe so some other activities you can enjoy over there include trying to visit the over 300 temples scattered across the entire city. There’s also a park full of elephants! If you’ve never seen these gentle beasts before, you could spend the entire day feeding and playing with them!


3.     Santorini, Greece

If you want to enjoy a nice tan without having to worry about running into way too many people, then Santorini is the place to be.


Ranking as one of the best islands in the entire world, there are precious few other places you get a breathtaking view of such spectacular landscapes and calming sunsets.


Don’t forget to take all your exploring gear as there is more than enough to keep you busy for weeks on end. Some of the more popular attractions include the ancient settlement of Akrotiri, a city perfectly frozen in time. You could then go on to rest your weary adventurous bones in any of the natural hot springs abundant in the area.


4.     Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do you like “Game of Thrones”? Why not make a vacation of visiting one of their cool filming sites? Dubrovnik remains one of the most beautiful locations used in the filming of the popular TV series.


The city is also special for more than just being a casting ground. It has some really awesome Renaissance palaces and beautiful winding streets filled with so much history.


You could relax at the beach afterwards, go sightseeing in Lopud or Sipan or just enjoy a nice hike up the mountains.


So start planning now! Don’t miss out on having a fun year!


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