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As far as vacation locations go, very few of them can rival the exotic, romantic location that is France. It has sights, amazing people and the food is to die for!


So if you’re looking at France for you next vacation, you’ll need a phrasebook right? After all, how else do you hope to communicate, should you meet people who can’t speak English? Well, don’t rush out to buy that phrasebook just yet.


While you’ll certainly need it (the phrasebook) to better hone your skills, have you considered learning French? Sure, you’ve probably heard that it’s a very difficult language to speak, but what if you found out you already had a head start?


What you mightn’t know is that as much as 29% of the English we speak today has French origin! This means that you know (and speak!) a little French without realizing it already. All you need to do is to build on what you have.


It’ll take a bit of work, but you’re sure to have a lot of fun. Here are 4 easy tips to lean this romantic language!


1.     Speak From Day One

This is perhaps the oldest (and the most effective) trick to learning a new language as quickly as possible.


From the moment you make the decision to learn French, get to it and start speaking. Make sure you always say at least a few words in French every single day.


The biggest challenge to picking up any new language is your mindset and attitude towards it. If you’re determined to learn, you get where you want to be before you even know it!


2.     Mind the Gender of the Nouns

While this might be a bit foreign to English speakers, all nouns have a gender in French. This is something you have to pay attention to if you truly want to master the language.


One trick you can adopt to help you where everyday objects are concerned is to attach a sticky note to the corresponding object. That way, every time you come across it, you get a bit closer to memorizing what gender to use for the object.


Generally, most male nouns end with “-ou”, “oir”, “oir” and “-tre”, while most female nouns end with “-e”, “-ure”, “-ade”, “-son” and “–ée”.


3.     Pay Attention to Your Intonation

The way the French language sounds, how it is pronounced is one key reason why this language is regarded as the most romantic language in the world. That said, correctly pronouncing certain sounds, (particularly the French R) as well as other nasal sounds can prove a little challenging for you.


Don’t go overboard worrying about this though as you are just starting out. What matters most is your intonation, not your pronunciation. Just know the right place to place stress on a word or sentence.


Not to worry though; this isn’t very hard. For example, in French, you often stress the last syllable of a word in descending tone.


The same thing applies to a sentence; you stress the last syllable of your sentence.


4.     Learn Food Words

Much of what you’ll be doing in France is eating. You can’t go there and not sample the tasty array of cuisines this nation has to offer. Knowing that, learning food vocabulary can be very helpful.


A large percentage of these words already feature in English (aperitif, croissant, à la carte) and they’ll help make your speaking skills better.


That’s a wrap!


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