4 Best Spots to Visit After the Leaves Change Color VacationGrabs

Traveling for summer vacation is all the rage. Everything is always so sunny and bright we tend to forget that there are other great seasons of the year to travel too. So what other season of the year could beat summer travel?


We’re glad you asked!


The answer? Seeing fall in any of these amazing locations! If you’re already over the summer holidays or your plans for travel didn’t quite click for the summer, don’t let that get you down.


Amazing foliage.


Exemplary cuisine.


Abundant cultural and historical hotspots.


A wonderful sense of adventure.


These locations have it all. So if you haven’t, start making plans for traveling this fall as any one of these locations will make you glad you got out of town.


1.     Aspen, Colorado

To be fair, this is one of those few places in the entire world that’s always beautiful no matter what time of the year you travel to see it. That said, Aspen simply looks divine in the fall.


The Aspen trees, from which this wonderful place takes its name, assume this special hue as the leaves fall. It gives you the surreal feeling of walking through a magical land.


When you add the fact that you can hike, ski, go on a brewery tour, visit the museum or try your hand at golfing, your trip promises to be a fun one!


2.     Kyoto, Japan

It’s one thing to watch the beauty of fall independent of civilization. It’s another thing entirely when the turning of the leaves perfectly matches a man-made environment.


That’s what you get when you go see the fall in lovely Kyoto, Japan. Just imagine it; red pagodas perfectly accentuated by the falling of sakura leaves. Do more than imagine it; be there!


After watching this beautiful sight, you could join up with the locals for traditional festivals, enjoy a nice onsen bath and treat yourself to some tasty dishes while you’re at it.


3.     Bavaria, Germany

Ever imagined what it would be like to be in a fairy tale land? Walk through Bavaria in the fall and you’ll know how that feels.


From amazing forests and lakes to majestic castles and walkways, trust us when we say that you can’t do much better than this location for fall.


Even better? You could see wonderful places like Munich, explore castles and have as many black forest cakes and pretzels as you want!


4.     Husafell, Iceland

Husafell does you one better than showing you the true wonders of nature in the fall; here, you also get to the legendary Northern Lights. That’s a sweet two for the price of one deal!


There’s no shortage of amazing lakes and breathtaking landscapes here. There’s really no better place to feel at one with nature.


After seeing the major attractions, don’t forget to do the little things like hiking, seeing Langjökull Ice Cave and above all, have a good time.


So see Vacation Grabs and start planning that fall trip now!

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