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Veterans have always been and will always be a very big part of our history in America. Through their brave sacrifice and service, the nation is able to remain strong, an epitome and example of what it means to be truly free.


Considering the magnitude of impact that the service of good veterans has on the entire nation, it would be more than fair to state that just one day of celebrating them doesn't even come close to doing their heroic sacrifice justice.


They are just one of those rare and unique folks that truly deserve to be remembered, celebrated and honored every day of the year.


That said, there are quite a fair number of places you could visit in their honor this fall. While the list of such locations just goes on and on, we've picked our top three (3) favorites to share in this post.




1.     Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum

At the top of our list is the location where many military vessels and aircraft that have seen action and survived, (relatively speaking) are laid to rest.


Also, contained within the walls of this building is a Medal of Honor Museum as well as a Cold War Memorial, to mention only a few of its popular attractions.


This is an awe-inspiring location that does much to reflect just how much a lot of veterans have had to go through to defend and uphold the standards of this great nation.


2.     Navajo Nation Veteran Memorial Park

This place is one of the oldest locations that was established in honor of veterans. One thing you might find interesting is that it was actually founded by veterans.


Upon your arrival, you'll immediately be confronted by two significant sights. The first is of the 16 steel pillars which were built to represent the steel bayonets used in the war. The second is the Window Rock, a natural formation that seems to stand like an impregnable fortress.


3.     Arlington National Cemetery

This is arguably the largest tribute to veterans that America has till date. First, it is the final resting ground of nearly half a million veterans. A few of the closet family members of these veterans are also buried alongside them here.


Arlington National Cemetery is also where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is situated. Every year, thousands of Americans come here on Veterans Day to mourn and celebrate these heroes.


If there's any place for remembering American veterans you think should be on this list, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments.


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