3 Facts About Europe That’ll Blow Your Mind VacationGrabs

If you’re an avid traveler then you probably know a lot about this wonderful place. The continent is famous the world over for the plethora of attractions that it holds.


As you probably already know, it is home to a lot of tourist cities. The natural beauty of the landscape in Europe makes visiting a lot of places an absolute must for many people.


The continent is also renowned for the value it places on academics as well. Several of the world’s leading universities are situated here, making it a confluence point of sorts for students from all over the globe.


There are many things about this fascinating place that is common knowledge. However, there are other tidbits of information you probably didn’t know about.


Spanning almost 4 million square miles, here are 3 things about this amazing place that’ll stun you.


1.     2500 Victor Hugo Streets in France

Yes, the world famous writer. Born in 1802, this gentleman made an indelible mark on not just the literary world, but also his country at large.


In addition to being an accomplished writer, he was also an exemplary political advocate. Perhaps this, alongside many other reasons is why there are more than 2, 500 streets and avenues named after him.


A second fact you might find interesting is that his face also graces one of the country’s currency notes.


2.     Disneyland Paris is Even More Popular Than You Think

As adults, our idea of a vacation gravitates more towards visiting locations like the Colosseum in Rome or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.


Granted, either of both locations sees millions of tourists in a year. But, what if we told you Disneyland Paris sees almost more visitors than both locations combined? Amazing, right?!


Both the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower each record a little over 5 million visitors on a yearly basis (the Colosseum sees about 6 million, while the Eiffel Tower records about 7 million). However, both these figures pale in comparison to the whopping 10 million visitors that come around Disneyland Paris each year!


3.     More Than Meets the Eye at the British Museum

Very few museums in the world can boast of the vast collection of items the British Museum lays claim to. In fact, this collection is so massive that the current building can’t display them all!


Till date, the museum has roughly over 8 million antiques and art items spread across different cultures from all over the world. The standing building can only comfortably accommodate the display of only about 80, 000 of these pieces.


This means that when you visit this museum, you get to see only about 1% of the wonders it has to offer!


Surprised? So were we! Stick around for our second listing coming soon!


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