3 Exotic Locations You Can Travel to Now (and 2 You Still Can’t Enter) VacationGrabs

With spring slowly coming to an end, there isn't a better time to start planning your summer vacation than right now. One great option you have at your disposal here is traveling out of the country to see some lovely sights and embrace new cultures.


Now, while travel and tourism are gradually returning to how they used to be, vacationing abroad isn't yet as simple as it once was.


When making your travel plans, you have to ensure that you check for any travel restrictions on the destination you're considering for your vacay. With the EU constantly revising travel restrictions to ensure health and keep tourism alive, here are some countries you can add to your list and some that are still out of reach for the time being.


Countries You Can Now Enter From the US


Starting from the 19th of April, Greece opened its borders to visitors from regions like the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


A Scenic View of a Tourist Attraction in Greece


However, in an effort to ensure public health, all visitors are still expected to meet certain requirements, often depending on whether or not they've received full COVID-19 vaccination. Tourists are also expected to perfectly fill their Passenger Locator Form within 24 hours of entering the country, at the most.


Lastly, entry into Greece is restricted to 9 airports, for the time being. These points of ingress are located at;

  • Athens,

  • Corfu,

  • Chania,

  • Heraklion,

  • Kos,

  • Mykonos,

  • Rhodes,

  • Santorini, and finally,     

  • Thessaloniki


In light of a public declaration from the United States Embassy in Bulgaria, citizens of the US are granted entry into the country from the 19th of May, once they can provide a vaccination certificate confirming that they have been fully vaccinated.


Furthermore, you can also gain entry into the country if you can present a negative COVID-19 antigen test or negative COVID-19 PCR result within 48 or 72 hours of entering Bulgaria respectively.



While things seemed a bit spotty at the beginning of the year, currently, you can enter Mexico from the US without difficulty. This is more so the case if you're visiting a tourist hotspot like Cancun once you take the mandatory Covid test.


If you need help planning a memorable visit to this beautiful destination, here's something that might help.


Countries You Can't Enter From the US at the Moment


For now, you'll simply have to hold off on seeing the spectacular cities and natural wonders of this great country. This is because according to travel regulations in operation in Canada currently, travelers from the US aren't allowed entry into the country at this time.


A View of the City Night Lights in Montreal, Canada


For the most part, entry is restricted firmly to foreign nationals looking to reunite with family, students, foreign workers, and individuals essential for care and support.



This country is renowned for the abundance of art and authentic experience it offers tourists. Alas, you'll need to be patient to get your dose of this exhilarating adventure as you can't enter Russia from the US as a tourist at the moment.


Sequel to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No 635-R  made public on March 16, 2020, access to the country has been put on hold to contain the spread of the pandemic.


And there you have it!


We'll be keeping a close eye on things and let you know when even more countries become available for entry. Till then, have fun planning your summer vacation!


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