4 Facts About Halloween That Might Surprise You VacationGrabs

4 Facts About Halloween That Might Surprise You

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As this well loved and massively enjoyed and celebrated holiday draws closer, it's a race for the kids to pick out the best costumes and carry out all the ceremonies necessary to have an awesome Halloween. There's just  no time to waste.

But wait. Have you ever really thought about what you - and the kids, actually know about this holiday? Fine, scaring people with well made customs and going trick-or-treating is a big part of it. But is that really all there is to Halloween?

No, it isn't. Here are some fun facts about Halloween you might find surprising.

1.     It's Older Than You Think

Due to how popular, modern and well insinuated into the times the holiday is, many people don't actually know that Halloween is a very old tradition.

All available records point to the fact that the celebration is at least 2,000 years old and even predates Christianity. It was originally used to celebrate the harvest and help the spirits move on.


2.     It Was Often Used For Matchmaking

In a not so distant past, quite a number of practices and rituals were adapted into the Halloween celebration which young ladies incorporated and tried to use to find husbands.

Some of these rituals and practices included competitively bobbing for apples during the festival, as the winner of the competition would be the next to get married. Yet another practice involved the throwing of apple peels over one's shoulder and then using that to determine the initials of the maiden's future husband.

Perhaps the scariest of these traditions was standing alone in a dark room with only a lit candle in front of a looking glass. The purpose of which was to peer into the face of their future groom.

Luckily, as time passed, these traditions faded into obscurity.


3.     Halloween Was Halted For A While

As widespread as this holiday is, many people don't actually know that for a while, going out to trick-or-treat was stopped. The reason might surprise you.

It was at the height of the Second World War and sugar (which we all know is an important ingredient for making candy) fell in short supply. Consequently, trick-or-treating had to be put on hold.

Fortunately, upon the conclusion of the war, candy companies were able to successfully breathe new life to the holiday and it came back stronger and better.


4.     Will There Be A Full Moon This Halloween?

No. This Halloween won't be happening on a full moon, the last one was in 2020 and the next Halloween full Moon will come in the years 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096 (note the 19-year cycles). As a matter of fact, 2020 Halloween was one of only six such celebrations this century that will happen under a full moon.

So no, Halloween this year will not happen under a full moon, but don't let that discourage you from going on a ghost hunt in your area on Halloween night. You never know who or what may send you running down the street like a scaredy cat.

Make it even more so for your loved ones and pick out a fabulous snuggie to share some warmth on a chilly Halloween night.

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