Europe River Cruising to Resume in July – Here’s All You Need to Know

Europe River Cruising to Resume in July – Here’s All You Need to Know

Be it for business or pleasure there isn't any doubt that travel has always been an important part of human life. So, while the pandemic certainly took a huge toll on various industries, one of the niches that took the biggest hits was travel and tourism.


In an attempt to curb the widespread of COVID-19, many countries had little choice but to close their borders. This was a necessary measure to prevent the surge of the pandemic from regions with a higher recorded number of cases to places with fewer incidents.


With the number of incidents recorded slowly beginning to decline, we can begin to hope to go back to living life as we know it. One of the surest signs that the world is well on its way to recovery is that travel is slowly beginning to become possible.


Thanks in large part to the efforts of the European Union (EU) in bringing a safe end to travel restrictions, movement from one country to the next is increasing with each passing day.


To make things even more interesting, not only can you travel out of the United States now, the number of amazing places you now have access to visit and things you can do is on the rise too!


With cruising the beautiful rivers of Europe becoming a real possibility this summer, here are a few things to remember;


1.     Take Your Time When Choosing Which Location to Explore

One great thing about European river cruises is that you're virtually spoilt for choice when it comes to what each cruise has to offer you.


A Night View of a Glistening European River


For example, if you intend to cruise the Danube you should know that it actually has two rivers, essentially meaning that you get one of two very different experiences, depending on which option you go for.


The Western Danube River opens you to the picture-perfect wonders of Germany and Austria while the Eastern Danube takes you through Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Serbia.


Take your time to determine which experience you'll find more fulfilling. It bears mentioning though that no matter which route you go, your cruise is sure to be an enjoyable one.


2.     Be Prepared for the Crowd

The rivers of Europe and their prime attractions are very popular with tourists all around the world, so it should come as no surprise to you that even now, you're likely to come across a sizable crowd on your river cruise adventure. This is more so the case as people have been deprived of their cruising for too long and will be looking to make up for this big time.


So, if you're someone who enjoys being part of a big, fun-loving group, you're in for a treat.


3.     Don't Forget to Catch Up on the Latest News About Cruise Lines

As you likely already know, a lot has happened in the cruise industry, so, even if you're someone who used to employ those services in the past, things mightn't be how you remember them now.


While big names like Disney Cruise Line, AmaWaterways, and Variety Cruises are currently very active, cruise lines like Cruise & Maritime Voyages, Blount Small Ship Adventures, and Birka Cruises have shut down while the Ocean Endeavour from Adventure Canada won't be in operation till 2022.


As such, take your time to look through the available cruise lines to see which works best for you.


Make sure you don't miss our next post for more travel information! Bye for now!

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