Between Two Oceans 10 Days in San Blas Vacation Package

10 days - San Blas El Porvenir, Guna Yala, Panama

In this 10 day 9 night tour, you will visit;

You will start by driving north to Colon using the one and only train in Panama, a railway line connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

At Miraflores Locks, you will learn how the canal works and see large ships moving from coast to coast.

Hike the Camino del Cruise on foot through a tropical forest in Soberania National Park, one of Panama's most beautiful ornithological sites.

El Valle! Come and discover this beautiful city perched in the mountains of Panama, on the floor of one of the largest inhabited volcanic craters. If your heart so desires, take the Piedra Pintada (India Dormida) trail to El Valle de Anton.

Relax on Santa Clara Beach along the Pacific Coast of Panama. It is several tens of kilometers where you can choose to soak your feet, swim or just enjoy the warmth on the edge of this majestic ocean.

Return to Panama and take the Amador road. This 3.5 mile stretch is where you will have a sublime view of Panama City! Amador's causeway is lined with tourist restaurants, souvenir shops and jogging tracks.

The San Blas archipelago, a paradise on earth. With postcard-decorated islands, crystal clear turquoise water, white sand and coconut palms on small islands with few houses. You will meet the Kunas, an Amerindian ethnic group with traditional practices. The basis of household organization remains the matrilocal family.


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