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5 Locations Made For Summer Vacations

As we keep our hearts hopeful that the pandemic situation all around the world will continue to flat-line, there’s no reason not to start planning that dream trip away this summer, is there?

We’ve done a quick survey and present to you our top 5 countries just made for a nice summer vacation.

Top 5 Summer Vacation Locations in the World

     1.   Rome

This is probably not coming as a shocker to anyone, right? This beautiful city just glows in the summer! From the Colosseum to the Roman Forum to the Trevi Fountain, you’ll see no end to see the sea of attractions Rome has in store for you in summer.

The food’s one of a kind and though the souvenirs can get a little pricey, they are some of the very best in the world. You can also take a moment to enjoy the art and some history while you’re there too!

     2.   Florence

A city full of charm, this location is one that is favored all over the world as a great summer getaway spot and there are a lot of good reasons for this. It’s got Renaissance architecture, stunning piazzas and elegant outdoor cafes. What more could you ask for?

To seal the deal, you can make this a summer vacation and a romantic getaway for you and that special someone. After all, what could be better than watching the summer sun set here while holding the hand of that special someone?

     3.   Dublin

Taking to the weather in Dublin is a bit of an acquired taste, unless you’re visiting in summer that is. Everything here takes on a special and different shine during summer time. The weather becomes just right, and you can enjoy the city’s unique attractions to the fullest.

See St. Stephen’s Green, visit Trinity College and put yourself at complete ease. If you want to feel young, wild and free again, check out Temple Bar. Sip freshly distilled pints of Guinness and dance to some really good tunes!

     4.   Machu Picchu

This is another city that positively glimmers in summer time. The summer weather brings less rain and is just perfect for taking an invigorating hike. See the full wonders of the Inca Trail spread out before you and make an adventure of uncovering its ancient secrets.

This location isn’t for only hikers as you can also enjoy several of the cities attractions while you’re there. However, to make the most of your trip, make sure to make reservations for the attractions you want to see as admission tickets are often very limited.

     5.   Cape Cod

New England is a great location for any vacation; it’s nice all year round. However, it receives the largest percentage of its visitors in summer and soon, you’ll know why. It’s only in summer that it loses that little chill in the air. It comfortable sunny and then, the adventure really begins!

You get to witness the Cape Cod Rail Trail in all its splendor, or simply visit the amazing Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Want to lazy around? Then go relax at the beach, get a nice tan! Even better? You could get lucky and run into a celebrity or two!

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