Is there any time of the year more beautiful than autumn? We certainly don’t think so! As all the heat and frenzy that comes with the summer finally begins to dissipate, we are left with the elegance and magic of fall.


As the color of the leaves slowly turn and serenity begins to fully seep in, here are a few awesome places you can go to soak in all the wonder and magic of this season!


  • San Miguel de Allende


Less than two hundred miles from the beautiful city of Mexico, you’ll find this magical, colonial town. With culture and tradition aplenty, you can accentuate your autumn with a host of delightful attractions.


More than this, if tradition holds this year, you’ll have the opportunity to witness one of the most celebrated holidays in the country, Día de Muertos or Día de Los Muertos – The Day of the Dead. Get ready to be stunned beyond your wildest imaginations as the streets of the city are bathed in marigolds and one scintillating sensation after another!


Celebration of the Day of the Dead in Mexico



  • Transylvania


As you know, very few places can fully display the awesomeness of this season the way a forest can. So what do you get when you combine a beautiful forest in fall and culture? The jewel that is Transylvania! If you like things old school with castles, untamed nature, and lively culture and heritage, then you simply have to make a date to see this lovely region.


A Beautiful Castle in Transylvania, Romania


Travel back in time as you walk through pathways surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. Witness the unique blend of colors in the forests and make a truly memorable experience of the entire adventure.


  • The New Forest


Immerse yourself completely in the wonders of nature when you visit this scenic destination. Saluted as the best place to be in England during autumn, it is the single largest unenclosed forest and heathland remaining in the whole of south-eastern England today.


On your trip, you have the chance to spot truly rare flora and fauna in their natural habitat. There’s no better place to have a quiet and leisurely fall experience.


  • Douro Valley


It’s no secret that fall has this special way of simply transforming a place into something out of a fairy tale. That being said, some places just look indescribably better than others this time of year. One of such scenic destinations is the Douro Valley.


A Picture of the Orchards in the Douro Valley in Portugal


The home of the finest wines in Portugal, the vivid colors that the leaves turn in autumn here will leave you at a loss for words. An art that is fast fading, you can enjoy your days lazily watching the people trod grapes by foot from late September to early October.


  • Torres Del Paine


Everything about this location will have you feeling the beauty of this season in your soul. Torres Del Paine is a national park situated deep in Patagonia. Before getting to the park itself, you are exposed to the sheer magnificence of the magical land of southern Chile.


Ensconced in a small mountain group, you get to feel the true essence of autumn in this destination, especially when you visit towards the end of the season. The landscape is both humbling and amazing.


Where would you like to be this fall? Let’s know in the comments section below!