After you’ve gone through the trouble of selecting the perfect destination and mapping out the ideal itinerary for your vacation, you might be downright tired of the whole planning thing. That’s why you might choose to just take the shove-everything-you-can-find into-your-luggage approach when picking your clothes.

Not only is that rather disrespectful to your cool travel luggage, but it could also affect the quality of your trip! And, no, this isn’t just about your ability to take Instagram-worthy pics while you’re on the road – but I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a part of it!

What Happens When You Pack the Wrong Clothes for a Trip

Interestingly, you can pretty much expect the same consequences if you pack the wrong clothes for a trip, whether your destination is Dubai or Switzerland. Among the list of things that are likely to happen if you don’t pack the right wardrobe for your vacation include:

  • You may not be very comfortable. You could have cold clothes for warm weather and vice versa;
  • The clothes mightn’t be culturally appropriate for that destination. For example, wearing shorts in Dubai;
  • Buying the right clothes at your vacation location might end up taking a huge bite out of your travel budget;
  • Blending in with the local culture and people might be difficult;
  • You might end up not having such an enjoyable time on your trip.

At the end of the day, I find that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, while it does take a little bit of extra work, it’s almost always better to put conscious thought into the packing process. That said, below are a couple of my favorite things to do when preparing for a trip abroad.

5 Best Tips on How to Pick the Best Travel Clothes for Any Trip

Some things I like to do include:

#1 – Consider the Weather

While your fashion preferences will always take the lead, certain weather conditions will likely dictate whether you can wear a stylish dress or a classy outerwear outfit. Plus, because weather often influences the kind of activities you can enjoy, it’s important to pay close attention to this variable.

As a side note, don’t forget that the weather can change pretty easily. So, be sure to research instances of this at your destination location and plan for it accordingly.

#2 – Consider the Local Culture

Although this certainly doesn’t apply to all travel destinations, it’s relevant in enough of them to merit a mention. For several reasons, certain types of clothes are just a big no-no in some destinations. As I mentioned earlier, women’s shorts and sleeveless shirts aren’t encouraged in places like Dubai. Similarly, you’ll likely incur a few stares if you wear an oversized tee or a baseball cap in Paris.

My point is, make sure you know what flies and what doesn’t in the specific location you’re headed.

#3 – Make Versatility Your Ally

As someone who’s deeply enthralled by Western-style trends, I used to build my travel wardrobe around them. However, this often meant I had to lug big bags around. So, I had to get creative, and that’s when I learned just how awesome mix-matching could be on a trip. It’s not only helped me trim the weight of my bags but it keeps me prepared for most sudden weather changes. Of course, for this to work perfectly, you need to have access to the right women’s outfits and sets.

#4 – Keep Laundry in Mind

There’s this great two-piece pant set I’ve got that just brings out all my best features. However, it kinda wrinkles pretty easily after a single use. That’s a great example of an outfit not to take on a trip. Why? Because you might hit a laundry drought and you’ll not be able to wear it more than once.

Instead, it’s better to choose clothes that you can easily take out of your luggage and wear immediately.

#5 – Choose Your Shoes Carefully

They can’t be folded or tucked in a corner of your travel bag. So, you want to think long and hard when picking shoes for your trip. My top priority here is comfort.

How long can I wear these shoes before it starts to hurt?

What kind of surface am I going to be using them on?

Answering questions like these helps me narrow down my focus so I can get the best fit for my trip.

Of course, at the end of the day, you’ll likely still have to get a clothing item or two while on your trip. However, if you’ve packed well from the get-go, you’ll be making those purchases from a place of comfort rather than pure necessity!

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